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Dave Rubin Endorses Austin Petersen for Senate

Dave Rubin endorses Austin Petersen for the Missouri Senate race.

Political talk show host and commentator Dave Rubin, who runs “The Rubin Report,” has endorsed Austin Petersen for the 2018 Senate race.

Mr. Petersen has a tough primary ahead of him, as he will surely be running against formidable Republican opponents.  The winner of the primary will go on to face Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

Mr. Petersen told MW he would be the best candidate to face off against Sen. McCaskill in the general election because “a libertarian Republican is someone who has crossover appeal and can speak to citizens in our inner cities and bring up issues important to them that may be out of step with the Republican Party.”

Mr. Rubin, who also joined MW back in June, released this statement:

“Austin Petersen is exactly the type of voice we need in politics right now.  He knows what he believes and why we must fight for it.  The ideas of a limited government, a return to the Constitution, and a live and let live attitude are the only things that will get this country back on track.  I’m proud to give Austin my support in this Senate run!”

Mr. Rubin’s decision to lend his support for Mr. Petersen marks the first time the talk show host has endorsed a political candidate.

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