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Valuing Animals over Human Life

How can you shed tears over an abused animal but not for the hundred of thousands of unborn babies killed each year?

We have all been there. One minute you are harmlessly flipping through TV stations searching for a program to spark your interest, the next frozen in shock. There it is, appearing before you on the screen in all of its ghastly horror. It is another SPCA commercial.

Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of An Angel” plays in the background as gruesome images of abused dogs and cats are laid out before your eyes. The commercial calls to your heart, compelling you to donate a mere $18 per month to help save animals in need.

They prick at your soul again with a limping dog. It is too much to endure; you rush to your phone and donate your hard earned money to the cause. You must do something, right?

The same people who express excessive amount of emotion in response to the aforementioned commercials are the same people who find it justifiable and decent for a woman to receive an abortion on demand.

I have seen leftists cry over SPCA commercials, yet shed no tears when presented with the truth on abortion. Because it is merely a “woman’s issue.” The reason for this moral pitfall is simple: the left values the life of animals more so than the life and liberty of the unborn.

I fail to comprehend how some can become so emotionally distraught at the sight of an animal being mistreated yet have such blind loyalty to pro-choice policy. The SPCA claims: “Every day in America thousands of animals suffer from cruelty and neglect.”

In 2015, the CBO estimated there were 1.14 late term abortions performed every hour. The CDC reported 664,435 abortions were performed in 2013. Animals are abused every day, but in 2013 664,435 children lost their opportunity to experience the awesome rights and liberties this country provides.

The doctors, lawyers, politicians, and businessmen and women of tomorrow are gone before they even got to take their first breath, or step. Those who could have solved the world’s greatest dilemmas are gone before their precious lives began.

How can one honestly rank abused animals above the scores of babies murdered every day? If you cringe at the sight of an SPCA commercial, yet fully support the murdering of the most innocent humans, you need to recalibrate your moral compass.

There is no situation or circumstance in which the life of an animal takes precedence over the life of a human.

Everyday animals bring joy into the lives of people across. As a pet owner myself, I understand how foolish it would be to argue otherwise. Those who abuse animals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However, I believe the lives of animals should not be afforded the same degree of sanctity as human lives. I am not foolish enough to believe abused animals ought to take priority over the 323,999 abortions performed by Planned Parenthood in 2014.

Mark Hinds is a student at Clemson University.

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