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An Interview with an Ex-Muslim

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Alex Smith, a former Muslim and the leader of anti-Sharia Law marches in North Carolina, discusses what life is like under Sharia Law.

Former Muslim and anti-Sharia Law activist Alex Smith joined Merion West’s Alex Baltzegar for an interview on June 12th to discuss his transformation from a practicing Muslim to a critic of the religion and why he has begun advocating against Sharia Law.

Alex Baltzegar: Thank you for joining us this afternoon, Mr. Smith. To begin, you grew up as a Muslim and you were raised under Sharia Law. Can you tell us what it was like to actually live under Sharia Law?

Alex Smith: First of all, a lot of people do not fully understand what Sharia Law means; they [may] just think it’s Islamic law forced on a country, but it’s not like that. Sharia Law is the law of the Koran and the Hadith and the Sira. The Koran, Muhammad said, is from Allah, while the Hadith is what Muhammad has spoken in reference to his fellows and believers. The Sira literally translates to the resume of Mohammed.

A country that follows Sharia is any country that has the Koran as its law, above its Constitution. What was my life like? Well, I could summarize it with one word: Hell.

Baltzegar: When did you decide to leave Islam?

Smith: I left Islam when I was 15, in 2005, but I did not turn to activism right away.

Baltzegar: You helped to lead the anti-Sharia march in Raleigh, North Carolina. Do you think the anti-Sharia movement is growing?

Smith: I don’t like to call it just the anti-Sharia movement. I like to call it the revolution of Americans waking up. Self-awareness, education, that’s what I’m trying to do. The media focuses on these radical groups, like Antifa and other groups in North Carolina. Not all of them are Antifa, but they’re all just as bad. They carry these dysfunctional and misinformed signs, such as “Shut down the KKK” or “No more white supremacy.”

What white supremacy? I was an ex-Muslim speaking there. The other speaker was a gay man. A black woman was standing next to me, and my friend from Egypt, who’s also an immigrant was there. Not one magazine, not one paper, showed a video of what I was saying. They just put a picture of me, and they didn’t give any context about me, who I am, [or] what the march was about.

Baltzegar: You make this connection between the Left in America and the Islamic world. Where do you think that connection comes from, because they clearly have different values? Why are they on the same side in America?

Smith: Well it’s not like that. An important concept in Islam is Taqqiya. A lot of people refuse that it exists, but it’s in the Koran. You can use others, you can even lie, to improve and expand the cause of Allah or the religion.

At the march, many people came to counter-protest and be on the other side of the anti-Sharia demonstration. Many of these people are gay, [and other] people who express themselves differently.

They don’t realize that in a radical Islamic state, they would be the first to be killed, to be beheaded, to be thrown from a roof. This also applies to women. I saw a priest who was a lesbian, and she’s carrying a sign that says: “First they came for the Muslims and we said, STOP RIGHT THERE.” I don’t need to repeat myself, but she would be the first to be killed under Sharia. She’s not covering her head. She’s a lesbian, and she [is] not a part of Islam.

Also women cannot read [cannot recite the Koran aloud], or become a leader, or a priest, or an imam of religion. What I’m trying to say is that the Left, most of them are oblivious, in denial, and being taken advantage of. That’s how you have this kind of twisted alliance.

Baltzegar: Do you think pockets and communities that embrace Sharia Law may start to establish themselves around the United States?

Smith: I have hope for this country. I love this country. I love this country more than anything. I live for this country. Great things happened with this election, but yes it’s possible.

Even though I’m a legal immigrant and I did it the right way, the current system, even under President Donald J. Trump, is a disaster. We have so many illegal immigrants coming to the United States. In places such as the Research Triangle of North Carolina, we have these mega-mosques, not normal mosques.

Some imams are actually openly radical on their social media accounts. One of these imams is a Syrian refugee and also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is as a designated terrorist organization, even by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

I don’t know what Donald Trump is waiting for to declare them a terrorist organization. Locally, we know them by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which is just another chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. The whole thing is now not so much about immigration. The Left doesn’t care at all, especially politicians in Congress. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, when they show their fake tears, it’s all about the demographic change agenda.

It’s all for changing the voting districts and flipping the votes. They defend illegal aliens who broke the law, while legal immigrants like me waited years to do it the right way. [Others] jumped the fence or overstayed a visa. The Democrats don’t care about these people; they just want their votes.

Baltzegar: Many Muslims in the Middle East are living under Sharia Law right now. What is your advice to those people?

Smith: When I left Islam, I went to another religion. No one forced me. If you live in the Middle East, it is a very religion-heavy area. You cannot just escape that mindset.

Even if you leave Islam, you find yourself believing then in some other god. This comes from growing up with the fear of Allah. We are taught to believe in Him or He will strike us down. That’s why women have to cover their heads. In the afterlife they believe that each hair, as Mohammed says, will turn into a snake and bite them if they don’t cover their head.

I turned to another God, another religion. That religion did not oppress me, but eventually I left that religion too. I’m not an atheist. I like to call myself a realist, based on science. My advice would be that knowledge is the key to self-liberation. Knowledge is the key to freedom. Reading is essential. Educate yourself. Read the Koran, and do not read it with fear. Read it with an open mind. Question everything. Read other books. Read it and know it. That is the key to freedom.

Baltzegar: Thank you, Mr. Smith. We appreciate you joining us today.

Smith: Just to clarify, we are not standing against Muslims. My mother is still a Muslim. We are not standing against any race, color, or creed. We are only fighting the political cult that is Sharia Law.

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