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Alabama Radio Host Anson Knowles endorses Rep. Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate: “We need more people in the US Senate who actually know how the economy works.”

Alabama has a Special Election Primary for an open US Senate seat on August 15th.  The Democratic and Republican Parties decide who will be selected by voters in the General Election this December.  The Special Election is occurring because Alabama’s Governor resigned after he was threatened with impeachment following his scandal.  Typically Senate elections are not related to the floundering of a Governor, but Alabama is no spring chicken when it comes to political controversy.

The political climate in Alabama is generally hostile toward Democrats, which is a drastic departure from the majority of the state’s history.  During the 2010 Tea Party wave across flyover country the Alabama Legislature became majority Republican for the first time in over 100 years.  Within seven years, the Democrats had purged the old “Blue Dog,” conservative Democrats and thus the party has become restricted to only select areas of the state.

The GOP field of eleven candidates is strong and diverse.   In the mix for Republican nomination, the three candidates at the top of all the polls are Congressman Mo Brooks, Senator Luther Strange, and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore.

Luther Strange has the misfortune of having been placed in the U.S. Senate by a now defunct former Governor Robert Bentley.  Bentley set the election date, some say illegally, to coincide with the 2018 General Election.  When Governor Kay Ivey came into power she changed the election dates to follow the Alabama Constitution’s requirements.  Luther Strange was the Alabama Attorney General before being appointed to the Senate to fill the vacancy created by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ascendance to his executive branch post.  Luther Strange is also infamous in Alabama for using his power to slow down the impeachment of former Governor Robert Bentley in the Alabama House last year.  Strange asked the impeachment Committee to stop its work and allow him to investigate the criminal nature of Bentley’s dealings.  Many in Alabama determined that in exchange for this favor former Governor Robert Bentley appointed Luther Strange to the Alabama Senate.  An Alabama House member even quoted Bentley as saying that he “had to appoint Strange to the Senate to get him out of Alabama because he was so corrupt.”

Roy Moore is also an interesting political animal.  He has the distinct honor of being removed from the office of the Chief Justice twice.  Roy Moore is also on the top of the polls within the Republican field to win the Special Election.  Only in Alabama can someone who has been forcibly removed from public office twice gain credibility among voters.  Roy Moore was first removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court because he refused to follow a Federal Order requiring him to remove a 10 Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building.  More recently, Roy Moore was elected as Chief Justice again only to be placed on permanent leave shortly into the term for writing an order directing Probate Judges in the state to disregard the US Supreme Court’s ruling allowing gay marriage.   Roy Moore has thus been rewarded with the loyalty of the most socially conservative voters in the state.

Congressman Mo Brooks stands out among the top tier candidates because of his strong ideological positions on issues which matter to the socially and fiscally conservative constituents in his district.  Mo Brooks is a fierce competitor known to be frugal.  Recently a report was issued showing the personal wealth of various elected officials in the state.  The caption for Congressman Brooks indicated that he had gained his wealth through personal savings and investment.  Another interesting point about Mo Brooks is his penchant for speaking candidly about issues.

In 2016 he called Maya Angelou a communist sympathizer while explaining his vote against naming a post office in her honor.  Earlier in 2010 he called Nancy Pelosi a socialist and during a 2011 speech on the House floor he referred to the House Democrats as “certain socialist members of this body.”

The list actually goes on, but the best quotes by Brooks are less well known outside of his district.  This year while discussing the national debt, he said: “Were headed to insolvency and bankruptcy.  I give it close to a 100% probability.”  This warning is given special attention by those who know Brooks.   He has a degree from Duke University in Economics and when given the opportunity to discuss details and debate issues of economics, he has repeatedly demonstrated his keen understanding of the fiscal realities we face as a nation.

Don’t underestimate the tenacity of a well-educated Southerner.  Just this week Jeff Sessions gave a lesson to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about not discounting the doggedness of southern boys.  As for the Special Election to fill Sessions Senate seat, it is likely that Alabama will elect someone who will serve either of the remainder of his life or for as long as he wishes to serve the state as a U.S. Senator.  The decision is not simple.  As for this radio personality, I am going with the guy from Duke, Congressman Brooks.  We need more people in the US Senate who actually know how the economy works.

Anson Knowles is the host of the Alabama-based radio program The Anson Knowles Show Live, Local, Liberty Oriented Talk on 92.5FM/770AM WVNN and

Anson Knowles is a radio show host and libertarian political activist from Huntsville, Alabama. He was a 2014 candidate for the Huntsville, Alabama school board and served formerly as the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Madison County, Alabama. His writing has appeared also on, and his radio program takes place each Saturday morning.

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