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John Oliver Rips Comey Testimony in Latest Segment

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John Oliver doesn’t buy the media’s account of Comey’s testimony.

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, host John Oliver accused former FBI director James Comey of not giving up enough information in last week’s Senate hearing about President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Oliver said: “The most tantalizing moments may turn out to be the things that Comey didn’t or wasn’t able to say,” before pointing to Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR)’s questioning of Comey.

Oliver also noted that Jeff Sessions’ recusal of himself hinted that the President had colluded with Russia during his campaign. Oliver went so far as to credit Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s response to his spinelessness. Oliver believes that Comey’s testimony was damaging to President Trump and his version of events.

Watch the entire segment here:

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