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This New Start-up Lets You Use Hotel Pools and Saunas Just for the Day

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Looking to take a vacation just for an afternoon? This Brown University start-up has got you covered.

Ever wanted to spend a day at a hotel pool without actually renting a room? Daycation allows you to do exactly that. Founded by Brown University students Matt Boney, Valentin Perez, and University of Miami student Alex Novo, Daycation enables users to access amenities of select luxury hotels.

So how does it work?

Users download the upcoming IOS app on their mobile phones or visit their website directly. Then they can select the type of access passes available to the hotel of their choice, specify the number of people and the date of arrival.  Once they fill in their payment, they get a confirmation email. They can use this at the hotel front desk and get checked in for the day. Users can book hotels up to 12 weeks in advance.

Normally, in order to use a hotel’s amenities, guests must book a room. Daycation, headquartered in Miami, offers an innovative alternative by allowing people to access pools, gyms and lounges without spending the extra money for an overnight stay.  Hotels get to sell access to their amenities to people who would not otherwise have book a room for the night. 

Daycation’s business model relies on developing partnerships with select hotels. When users buy Daycation passes to that hotel, the revenue is split between the company and the hotel

According to Matt Boney, “the value of Daycation is not just that you get the feeling of a hotel. You get the feeling of a vacation but instead of waiting five months for your vacation, you can cut that time down to five minutes. Daycation allows people to escape from reality into an alternate universe for a day.”

So what inspired them to come up with this unique idea?

The founders say“Growing up, our favorite thing to do was to sneak into hotel pools in Jackson Hole (in Matt’s case), in Cancún (in Valentin’s case) and Miami (in Alex’s case). We realized at Brown that there was no way to do the same thing legitimately.” So Matt then thought, “Why don’t we create a system that allows you to use hotel amenities for the day without spending the night?”

Daycation currently offers services in four cities: Miami, New York City, Providence and Victor, Idaho. It is looking to expand its services to other cities as well. With its unique and innovative business model, Daycation is setting a new trend in taking some personal time, even if just for a few hours. 

Arin Gerald studies mechanical engineering at Boston University. He writes about entrepreneurship, technology, and business.

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