A Look at the Vice President’s First 150 Days

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The Vice President’s birthday makes for an excellent opportunity to look back on his five biggest achievements thus far in office.

There is almost complete silence regarding Vice President Pence’s first 150 days, and what better day than his birthday to highlight his achievements in office thus far:

1. Trip to the Asia-Pacific: Amid serious tensions with North Korea, Vice President Pence visited the DMZ and stared down North Korean soldiers in April. The Vice President was quick to note that “all options are on the table” when it comes to our ally’s unfriendly neighbor to the North. It was a reassuring breath of fresh air to our allies, and a harsh reminder to our enemies that “there is a point beyond which they must not advance.”

2. Notre Dame Commencement: In breaking with the prevailing culture of inviting left-wing speakers to universities, The University of Notre Dame invited none other than Mr. Mike Pence to speak at its commencement on May 21st. Unsurprisingly, a number of left-learning students walked out in protest of his alleged “bigotry”. Equally unsurprisingly, but far more commendable, was the Hoosier’s steadfast commitment to focusing on the thousands of students who stayed and listened to his speech, which highlighted the importance of free speech on campuses

3. March for Life: On January 27th Mike Pence became the highest-ranking government official to ever speak at the pro-life gathering. He reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to protecting the unborn.

4. Munich Security Conference: At the conference in February, Pence reassured allies that this administration is committed to NATO and holding Russia accountable for any acts of aggression. This greatly reinforced the image of the United States as the leader of the free world on a global scale. Such an act of strength also provided the President with greater political capital when dealing with foreign leaders

5. Tie breaking votes: As President of the Senate, Pence was forced to vote on two issues of vital importance. The first of which was the confirmation of Secretary Betsy DeVos on February 7th. On the 30th of the following month, Mr. Pence also cast the critical vote in a bill to work towards defunding Planned Parenthood, an important campaign promise of Mr. Trump’s 

Here’s to Mr. Pence’s next 150 days. And happy birthday, Mr. Vice President.

Nikhil Sridhar seeks out writers who bring important new perspectives to Merion West. He studies biology and political science at Duke University and is interested in American politics.

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