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Rising GOP Voice: America First, or Business As Usual?

Newly-minted American citizen and North Carolina politician writes that America is still on the wrong track, and it’s now President Trump’s turn to prove himself worthy of his grand promises.

Imagine a strong and healthy America, admirably in command of her future, financially stable, led by leaders who possess wisdom, courage, intelligence, and heart, caring for her future generations, standing tall in the land of the free. I believe this dream is possible, as long as we take the right. But, it can prove to be just a dream if we take the wrong path.

Now imagine a bankrupt America, saddled with nearly insurmountable debt into the trillions, unable to secure her own borders, unable to support her veterans, unable to care for her elderly and weak, unable to educate her young, and even unable to maintain her own infrastructure. It’s not hard to imagine this picture: if you look around in America today, you will see this firsthand.

America has been so caught up handling international affairs and conflicts, to the point that we have forgotten about our own interests. The way I see it, we are in a hole and it’s time to stop digging.

American resources are constantly being leached on by politicians making poor trade deals, putting foreign interest and proxy wars at the top of her priority list. If America falls, it will be due to her focusing on the wrong priorities. It seems to me that other countries have figured out how to manipulate America against her own best interest, and sadly, she just keeps falling for it over and over again.

The primary reasons President Trump received my support include his promises on foreign policy, trade, and immigration. During the last few week, supporters of Candidate Trump like myself were in shock. From an outside perspective, it appears that he has now been drawn into business as usual: his actions do not align with his campaign promises.

The first broken promise was regarding non-intervention in foreign affairs. President Trump intervened in Syria by bombing inside the sovereign nation’s borders. In addition, during the campaign he stated that North Korea would be China’s problem to deal with. However, he has now made it America’s problem to solve.

The second broken promise has to do with the renegotiation of U.S.-China trade policy. Candidate Trump promised that he would have America’s best and top negotiators getting us out of the one-sided trade deal with China. However, it looks like he may have been pinned down by China’s leader Xi Jinping during their first meeting.

Every time we need to get tough with China on trade deals, the North Korea conflict gets in the way. We see ourselves as the “world’s problem solver,” but it seems we that we are playing into the hands of China and North Korea who play dual roles in manipulating America.

America has fallem into the same trap repeatedly, and this uniquely American attitude of being the world’s police with a “financial cost to no one” has proven useful to our enemies. Some countries have already taken notice, as they have shown they know this is the silver bullet to get America involved in foreign conflict. America cares for the whole world, all the while other nations are caring only for themselves.

As a country, we have to ask ourselves “What’s our role in the world?” Are we going to police the entire world despite it hurting our nation’s interest—to the point of our own destruction—even if the financial, political, and social costs prove too high?

We played a decisive role in the Korean War. But what was the cost? Thirty thousand American lives were lost, wives and children suffered, and countless more veterans were left homeless. Seven decades later, our allies in South Korea are reaping the benefits of American military protection: the thanks the United States gets, economically, involves defending South Korean national industries from American businesses by enacting tariffs and unfair trade barriers. For example, while South Korea aggressively exports Hyundais and KIAs to American shores, not one Ford or Chevrolet graces the streets of Seoul. Our men sacrificed and suffered for them, but in the end our trade policies have made them richer and America poorer. Sadly, this is only one of a myriad of examples of American interests taking the backseat.

As a new American citizen, I believe that foreign countries have the capability, resources and duty to solve their problems. As history has taught us, most of the time the U.S. intervenes in foreign affairs ends up making our existing problem even worse, all the while leaving America worse off with many dead and wounded veterans to show for it.

It is our civic duty to encourage President Trump to get back on the track to putting America first by ending the unfair trade deals and unfavorable international treaties, by sloughing off most of the heavy weight off of America’s shoulders, and by setting up long-term strategies that work for America’s future generations.

The future of America is at stake, and our leaders have an important decision to make ahead. My sincere wish is for our leaders to truly put America first so that this nation can survive and thrive.

President Trump, I ask that you keep your campaign promises, stay on track, don’t be manipulated, mind our own business first, and this way you will make America great again!

Sue Googe was the 2016 Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives race in North Carolina’s 4th District. 


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