When a Republican Politician Comes to Cornell

See the video above of one chant that caused one of the many interruptions throughout his speech. “Shame,” is being yelled in this chant, the most common insult heard during the evening.

When he mentioned the word the Constitution, someone yelled “Genocide.”

When he talked about the economy, students yelled “Slavery.”

After he asked the audience to respectfully listen to his speech—he would have a Q&A later where they could express their disagreement—he was met with a roar of laughter.

Henri Mattila is a co-founder at Merion West. He is currently an undergraduate at Cornell University where he studies applied economics and management. Henri was born in Helsinki, Finland and is an army reservist there. In addition to business development for Merion West, he enjoys writing about new businesses and topical political issues. You can contact him at henri@merionwest.com.

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